About the quiz

My wife asked me to build a simple multiplication quiz to incorporate 25 random questions pulled from the 2 through to 12 times tables showing a specific minimum amount of questions per table in order to help her pupils practice their skills. The quiz allows 6 seconds to answer each question. If the correct answer has been typed in before the 6 seconds are up the answer will be counted as correct. If the player presses Enter, the timer stops for that question, lets them know if they were correct or not, then moves on to the next.

The code has been tested on Google Chrome and iPhone but should work on all recent browsers.

It was a nice, pressure-free change from building complex business web applications and CRM systems, and to me, a bit of fun! Hopefully it helps some children improve their mathematic skills or even sparks an interest in coding.

So...Give it a go!!! Go to the quiz.

Want another one?

If you liked this quiz and have any requests for similar applications, feel free to email your ideas and if I have some spare time I will try and build them.